Do It Yourself Incorporation Guide

spacer >> You can find directions to forming corporations by visiting the state agencies that you want to incorporate in. The United States Small Business Administration (SBA) has fairly up to date links to various state incorporation agencies. Some states provide excellent directions for incorporation and others; well let's just say they are what some might expect from state run agencies.

>> As a guide to forming your own corporation, you may also want to look at some websites that offer professional incorporation services. These sites are geared to making the incorporation process as easy as possible and the information they provide on their websites can actually be used to help you form a corporation on your own. They often have useful help sections to answer questions like "what is par value" etc. Take note of the information they ask on their online incorporation applications as that is a good indication of what you will need to provide to the state if you continue to opt for the do it yourself route.

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