Common Additional Registered Agent Services

spacer >> What are some additional registered agent services that are commonly offered?
The most essential service a registered agent provides is to fulfill the state requirements for your corporation. However, many registered agents also offer a number of additional services as part of their yearly fee.

> Free forwarding of official correspondences
> Absorb state change of agent fee if you switch to their registered agent services
> Provide a compliance calendar for your corporation
> Free changes of forwarding address for your business
> Online application that accepts credit card payment
> Phone number posted on their website
> Registered agent is an entity and not an individual
> Licensed lawyer on staff

The services listed above are not requirements of registered agents but if they are important to you then they may help you select your ideal registered agent. All registered agents listed on this site are given the option to indicate whether they provide any of the additional registered agent services listed above.

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